Mobile Ship Loader


Mobile Ship Loader RIMO SL1400/M is designed to speed up ship loads of any bulk material – from aggregates to grains or wood pellets in ports.

Together with speed, RIMO SL 1400/M offers flexibility and efficiency as it can be relocated at any time of the ship loading process.  The loading territory does not have to be equipped with ramps or any other stationary equipment – trucks unload directly onto the feeder.


  • Designed to load PANAMAX class or smaller ships;
  • Depending on the material density, reaches up to 2000 t/h;
  • Powered by electricity;
  • Does not require a tow vehicle, relocates using electricity;
  • Double feeder – two trucks can unload simultaneously;
  • Remote control for main operations as a standard
  • Marine specification painting;
  • Chevron belts.


  • Diesel generator;
  • Heavy duty telescopic chute;
  • Aspirations filters;
  • Stainless steel liner and hydraulic connections for highly aggressive materials;
  • Stainless steel belt covers;
  • Hydraulic drives for belt conveyors;
  • Independent material feeders.

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