Press containers MHP-20 and MHP-24



Press containers MHP-20 and MHP-24

Press container – it is a press and container in one construction which can be handled and transported by a truck equipped with a standard hook-loader. Press containers are used where large amounts of secondary waste are collected (cardboard boxes, packing materials, bags, plastic waste, powdery materials) and it must be transported to sorting, recycling or storage places. By using press containers companies are able cost-effectively deal with the secondary waste and keep their premises and territories tidy and clean.


Our press containers are available in two sizes, with a 20 q. m. (MHP-20) and 24 q. m. (MHP-24) receptacles. MHP press containers are easy to install and prepare for operation, ramp is not needed for loading and in case of need the relocation of a press container within company’s territory does not require special equipment.

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