RIMO Car transporter (for superstructure and trailer)

Car carrier superstructure and trailer (hereinafter referred to as “Equipment”) manufactured by JSC Patikima Linija and their assemblies are warranted for 12 months, except for hydraulics and its components which are warranted for 24 months from the date of delivery of the Equipment to the Buyer.

JSC Patikima Linija undertakes to repair any malfunctions that occurred during the delivery or warranty period free of charge. JSC Patikima Linija or its authorized service provider determines at its own discretion what repairs are required.

The warranty does not cover any additional costs if the equipment and parts assembled or installed by others not JSC Patikima Linija or its authorized service representatives, make it difficult or impossible to carry out the warranty work.

The warranty shall be void if any defect in the component parts is due to:

  • The driver did not follow the instructions given in the driver’s manuals of JSC Patikima Linija or other manufacturers of auto transporters components;
  • Equipment has been misused, remanufactured, or modified without the manufacturer’s consent;
  • Equipment was overloaded;
  • Equipment failure caused by accident, fire or other accident;
  • Operation and maintenance of the equipment was not carried out in accordance with the instructions of JSC Patikima Linija TA;
  • Service or repairs were not performed by an authorized service center of JSC Patikima Linija;
  • Non-original parts were used;
  • Consumables not specified in JSC Patikima Linija instructions were used;
  • The extent of the fault or defect has increased because the driver did not immediately take appropriate action when the fault was noticed.

Natural wear parts are not covered by the warranty. Examples of natural wear details: screw bushing, bulbs, headlight glasses, fuses, brake drums, linings, oils and greases, filters, shock absorbers and rubbers, mudguards, springs, paint, tires, trailer coupling unless proven factory defective.

The Buyer must immediately notify the Seller of any defects during the warranty period.

During the warranty period, any defective parts shall be returned to Seller.

JSC Patikima Linija makes no other commitments or warranties other than those expressly set forth above, nor does it accept any liability for any unavailability of the Equipment during warranty repairs.