RIMO hidraulit

The focus of RIMO Hidraulit is the production of hydraulic components and metalworking. We manufacture tailored batch products according to individual customer orders. We also offer solutions for customers who don’t yet have the technical specifications for the requested component. A team of RIMO hydraulic engineers is available to design and manufacture unique products.

  • We are on the path to robotisation. Our next milestone is to manufacture a fully robotic lathe.
  • Cylinders are our pride and core business. Thanks to the expertise of our engineers and our machine capabilities we can produce very large and super-large cylinders: up to 8 meters long and even up to 1 meter in diameter. We are the only cylinder manufacturer of this size in Lithuania.
  • Programmable turning – we can produce 100,000 identical details. Our production is fast, clean and accurate.
  • We can produce parts from the customer's materials, according to their drawings, or offer a full package of competencies. We always listen to the customer's preferences and our team of engineers implements the whole process: from idea to production.
  • We use only very high-quality materials.


  • Hydraulic cylinders

    Hydraulic cylinders
    Single - acting and double - acting hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders for motor vehicles, agricultural machinery, industrial equipment and shipping.

  • Hydraulic stations

    Hydraulic stations
    Hydraulic stations are assembled according to the customer's desired parameters.

  • Hydraulic components

    Hydraulic components
    Hydraulic pumps and motors, hand pumps, high and low pressure filters, valves, etc.

  • Hydraulic equipment

    Hydraulic equipment
    We design and manufacture mechanical, hydraulic-mechanical equipment and machines.


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